Welcome All ! September 17-21st

pilgrims progress 1A Time to Choose –
Christ or Self . . . who shall live ?

I Am crucified with Christ: nevertheless, I live; Yet not I, but Christ . . . !” 
Galatians 2:20

It is only as we behold Jesus that we desire to become like Him . . . !     Only as we view His Righteousness do we hunger and thirst to possess it. Only as we ask in earnest prayer (with faith), and with the humility and simplicity of a little child, can God grant us our heart’s desire. Such prayer is heard and answered . . . .

For he that cometh to God must believe that He Is, and that He Is a rewarder of all those that diligently seek Him . . . And let him ask in faith, nothing wavering . . . for He is faithful that hath Promised . . . !”     Hebrews 11:6, James 1:6-7 & Hebrews 10:23

The Lord is more willing to give His Holy Spirit to those who earnestly desire it than earthly parents are to give good gifts to their children. Christ has Promised the Holy Spirit to guide us into all Truth . . . and Thy Word is Truth ! . . . and righteousness and holi-ness. The Spirit of God is not given by measure to those who earnestly seek for it, who by 41405faith stand upon the Promises of God.

They plead the pledged Word of God, saying, “Thou hast said it. I will take Thee at Thy Word . . . !”

     The Comforter is given that He (It) may take of the things of Christ and show them unto us, that He may present in their rich assurance the Words that fell from His lips, and convey them with Living (Life-giving) power to the soul who is obedient (who walks by faith), who is emptied of self. It is then that the soul receives the Image and superscription of the Divine. Then Christ is formed within, the hope of glory !
– Special Testimonies, July 15, 1908

We cordially welcome all to this week of spiritual healing and revival.
September 17-21st, 2013

Meetings begin Tuesday evening at 7pm and last through Sabbath night. Please call now for information and reservations. Details are provided below on rates and availability for individual, family and group campsites; as well as area lodging and hotels.

Special note – There will be youth meetings offered this year to young people of all ages. These will be led by brother Lynnford Beachy each afternoon at 3:00pm, in the pavilion next to the main convention center. If you are planning to attend these powerful classes, please bring a laptop if you have one available. For those that are not able to bring one with them,  you will be able to share with those that do.

Roan Mountain State Park  –

Offers a beautiful family campground facility, with 12 miles of hiking trails,
scenic streams, wild-life, and one of Tennessee’s most magnificent mountain retreats
There are convenient bath and shower facilities close to each camp location. The scheduled meetings will be held at the Park’s Conference Center; within walking distance from the RV and tent camp sites. Camp fires are permitted, and fire wood is made available for purchase each day.

Cabins are also available, but you must call quickly, before all reservations are filled.
Roan Mountain State Park1-800-250-8620  or  (423) 772-0190, 772-0191 

Meetings will begin at 9am each morning, and continue throughout the day; with the evening meeting beginning at 7:30 pm. There will be a break for meals, and a large vegetarian fellowship dinner at the Conference Center Sabbath afternoon.

There is a full kitchen available at the Conference Center. We ask that every one who attends, please help to leave the facilities in better condition than when we arrive.
Thank you so much.

Camping Sites, Lodging and Motels

The Park offers RV campsites with water and electric hook up for $25 per night.

Individual tent sites are available ($20 per night), which allow for 2 tents maximum.
There are also large group campsites available which will accomodate up 25 people. Please
contact the Park Service at the number below, for availability on these. We are encourag-ing all those who are tent-camping to make arrangements either before, or upon arrival to split the cost and double up on the individual sites, unless a personal site is prefered.. Each site has a grill, fire pit, and a large picnic table. Two families may comfortably use a site, if an individual site is no longer available

Roan Mountain Park Service
1-800-250-8620   or  (423) 772-0190,
or  (423) 772-0191

Lodging is also available at the following locations

Doe River Inn, Elizabethton, TN
(423) 543-1444

Riverbend Cottage, Roan Mountain, TN   (423) 512-1665

Painted Hills Farm Bed & Breakfast, Roan Mountain, TN   (423) 772-3033

Safe Haven Farm, Roan Mountain, TN   (423) 725-4262

Mountain Harbour Bed & Breakfast, 9151 Hwy 19E, Roan Mnt, TN   (423) 772-9491

Roan Mountain Bed & Breakfast, 132 WB Mitchell Road, off Hwy 11E   (423) 772-3207

Mountain View RV Park (full hook-ups), 156 Heaton Creek Road, Roan Mountain
(423) 772-4211
Travelers Inn, 505 West Elk Ave, Elizabethton, TN (20 min drive) $ 49 per day
(423) 543-3344
Americourt of Elizabethton, 1515 19E Bypass, Elizabethton, TN (20 min drive) $74 per day
(423) 542-4466

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